All songs by John Walradt except where noted.
John and guitar
Stay Here Now  
I wrote this for my wife Lora.
Raindrop Soul  
Far From Home  
All I wanted to be is equal.
You Can Feel It  
An energetic, catchy song about a young woman who runs away.
The Most of Nothing  
I had this tune that sounded like Graham Nash would write.
He Doesn't Know  
I wrote this after accidently running into the ex-boyfriend of my ex-girlfriend.
Lazy Summer  
I don't mind if I do waste an hour or two, laying like a cat out in the sun.
You'll be the Hole in my Doughnut if You Leave By John and Lora Walradt
It started with a fortune cookie. Then it turned out like this.
Sunny Sunday
A lilting, catchy melody about spending a Sunday afternoon in a park.
Comes and Goes
A heartbreaker with a lovely melody.
Studly Do–Right
A crowd pleaser song about a young guy who likes to be the center of attention in a night club scene—and, of course, he buys all the beer.
Down East in a Harbor Town
The story is about two lovers who miss each other's path, one going back east, the other going west. The harbor town and island are on the coast of Maine.
We Didn't Have Time Enough
When I wrote it, I didn't expect that it would be so well received.
When the Wildflowers Bloom By John Walradt and Anna Kim Sievers
I had this melody hanging around for several years, then in 1989, I played it for Anna Kim and she said, "I know the title and I know what I want to write about!" After we recorded it, it got airplay in Boise, Idaho for about a month.
Summer Day
This song is for my brother, Tom, who's favorite season is the summer and spending time on the beach.
I'm Not Coming Back
A rocker about a friend of mine in Denver who told me about how she had broken up with her girlfriend.
The Dark Shore
Tom wanted some eerie, film noir kind of music for a movie he wanted to make. It was fun because it gave me something new to try.
Soft City Lights
A story song of a woman who has someone too much on her mind.
At the End of the Road
A short song with somber words.
All the Reasons Why
I started writing this song as a movie theme.
Kitty with the Hundred Dollar Balls
This is just a short little song about our cat, Boris, after we got him neutered.