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Boris, Bailey, Bebe, and Ulan


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Ulan is a Filipino word for rain, and that's how our kitty got his name. It was raining the night we drove out to adopt him, and to save him from abandonment. Ulan is a Javanese cat, a rare breed characterized by a Siamese features but longer fur. They have slender bodies and are very agile. They are also very affectionate companions. We think he may be an Aquarius kitty. He's very inquisitive, loves to get into mischief, loves his toys. The other two kitties took to him quickly. Boris and Ulan often snuggle together to sleep. Lora took all the pictures of Ulan on this page.

ulan01 (29K)
Ulan loves to get up close to your face.

ulan02 (22K)
Captain Comfort in a box.

ulanboris (31K)
Ulan sleeping with Boris.

ulanandjohn (24K)
Here I am holding Captain Comfort. Have you noticed that in most of the pictures we take of him, he's sleeping?