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Meka is a Hawaiian word for eyes. We adopted him from the shelter in Sunnyslope. Meka is a Pisces. Meka has the biggest feet we've ever seen on any cat. His tail has a 45-degree angle kink, and he has little eyes and a big muzzle. He won't let you pick him up but he loves to be petted.

All the images were taken by my wife, Lora.

borisandmeka01 (40K)
Meka is snuggled up to Boris.
ulanmeka01 (38K)
Meka is cuddled by Ulan.
meka_surprised (24K)
Meka is surprised.
meka_lookingup (59K)
Meka, looking up at you.
mekafeet01 (21K)
Meka has very big feet.