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boris_6weeks (7K)
Our kitty, Boris, an oriental black cat, charictarized by a long body, long legs, and a handsome regal face. We named him after the cartoon character, Boris Badanov. Boris will fetch, likes to be rubbed on the stomach, he's a messy eater, and he squirms around on the floor when you pet him. Secretly, he always wanted to be a dog. This is when he was a kitten.
Sometimes we call him "Boris Boy," or "Borissaurus." Boris's motto is "attention is love." He's an Aries cat. He pretends to protest if you pick him up, cuddle, rock, and hold him, but he can't help his purring. Bottom line: he's just a big baby.

Boris is also a "special" kitty. I like to tell Lora that Boris and I "understand" each other. That worries her.

List of foods Boris likes:
Cat food, dry
Boris in his favorite underwear
Boris has his own line of underwear.
Boris hiding
Boris thinks he's hiding. I'm really glad you stopped by to look at stuff like this.