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When Bebe was a tiny kitten, she took immediately to Boris and they became the best of friends. They chased each other, wrestled, and played kitty games. Boris was big brother. He meowed his disapprovals, purred and pawed his approvals, and taught her how to be a cat.

Bebe is a Leo (we think). She loves to be acknowledged, to ride on my shoulder, and to lay on top of the scanner (cat scans?). Like Boris, she's a cat food cat.

Bebe and Boris. When Bebe was a kitten, Boris taught her how to be a cat.

Bebe peeking
This picture was taken by my wife, Lora. Bebe is peeking through the hole in a chair.

Bebe and Boris: best buddies.

Bebe and her toy.
Bebe spent several minutes at a time playing with her toy.

Bebe and hte computer
Bebe assembling a computer.