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Worth Visiting

Great Salt Lake
As we flew into Salt Lake City on our way to Portland, the Great Salt Lake appeared to the west.
Lora by the Willamette River
Lora by the Willamette River in Oregon City, south of Portland.
ptlnd_alder (40K)
While Lora visited her daughter, Sarah, I did some exploring around the city in the Ford Focus we rented. This is Alder Street in downtown Portland.
Lake Oswego
Ritzy–shitzy! The homes along the shoreline of Lake Oswego.
Paper Mill
Still venturing on my own...here's the paper mill on the Willamette River in Oregon City.
ptlnd_loratabor (56K)
Lora at Mount Tabor.
ptlnd_hawthorne (40K)
Eastbound on Hawthorne Boulevard.