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Worth Visiting

John in a camping scene
Long ago and far away...this was actually for a photo shoot for Campbell's Soup that our family was picked for.
John with a ski mask
Here's another one from the Campbell's Soup photo shoot. They had me wearing this ski outfit. I really didn't know what was going on around me.
John and siblings
Here I am with my siblings. LynLee and Tom on top, I'm on the lower left, Ron on the lower right. Where the heck did I get such a ugly plastic–looking jacket? I looked like a freakin' bing cherry! I was doomed for dorkiness.
John in 1970
This was my junior high school picture, taken without my glasses. I was already on my way to becoming a semi–geek. I loved maps. I drew ficticious street maps and I could draw the 49 contiguous states in the USA from memory.
John in 1973
This was my high school picture. We had moved to Boise, Idaho, a frustrating place to live if you weren't part of the social fabric. The two questions I was asked most often were, "Do you ski?" and "Are you LDS?"
John and Uncle Pierre
Spring time at the Craters of the Moon in Idaho with my uncle Pierre Goupillaud, but his real name is Renee. Speaking of names, did I tell you about the time I visited my brother, Tom? He had two roommates, Tom Munson and Tom Wolfe. They had two cats, a male and a female, both named Tom. When I said, "Hi, Tom!," all five Toms looked at me, including the cats.
At the Mesquite Campground
I pitched a tent successfully for the first time! I was so impressed and proud of myself that I took this picture. This is at the Mesquite Campground in Death Valley near Scotty's Castle.