Welcome to my page!
Here's the jump off page where I tell you about myself, my wife, our kitties, and our families.
My birthday: December 18
Graphic Designer for the Arizona Department of Transportation
What do I like to do?
I have a passion for drawing cartoons, I love to paint, I'm a songwriter and a music maker, and I don't get enough chances to travel!
Where do I go?
When it's vacation time, my favorite place to travel is into the desert. I have pictures of:
What do I believe?
Music moves the soul, art gives it expression.
Education is a way of life.
Puns and kittens make the world a better place!
Who do I love?
My sweet wife, Lora, is my darling, my honey, and my life. Lora, too, is an artist.
Here's a picture she painted for me of a desert scene.

Click here
Who are my heroes?
Charles Shultz, the creator of my favorite comic strip, "Peanuts."
Edward Abbey. My favorite desert rat. "Desert Solitaire" always makes me wonder what the heck I'm doing in the city. Going into the desert puts life back into perspective for me.
Earl Stanley Gardner. Another desert rat. Read "The Desert is Yours." Get some desert philosophy under your belt, respect your elders, remember that we are all souls in this together, women and men are equal; in a land where resources must be conserved, cooperation is the rule, not greed! Don't forget to wear a hat in the sun! Everything is sacred!
Linus Torvalds. My favorite geek. He's a humble programmer who wrote and developed Linux. He believes in freely distributing software, including its source code.