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Worth Visiting

Suburb in Lake Havasu
Lora took this picture of a suburb just off of McCulloch Boulevard. It was very windy. You can tell—look at the fronds on the palm trees.
View of Lake Havasu
Lake Havasu City is built on a slope. We drove up further into the foothills and Lora took this picture of Lake Havasu in the distance.
London Bridge
Later in the afternoon, we visited the London Bridge, which spans an inlet. On the other side is an island.
Boats at Lake Havasu
Boats along the inlet in front of the London Bridge.
havasu_walkway (48K)
Lora took this picture of the walkway going underneath the London Bridge.
Lora at the London Bridge
Lora at the waterfront.
Lora at the London Bridge
Lora in front of the London Bridge. You can put your hands on the stones of history dating way back.
John at the London Bridge
Here I am in front of the bridge.
Bill Williams River
This is where the Bill Williams River converges with the Colorado River. This is where Arizona has a big indent in its boundary, where the state line forms a "V" between Needles and Blythe. Pretty darned cool!