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Worth Visiting

This is the canyon

that Thelma and Louise's convertible plunged into, which is actually to the far left and cannot be seen in the picture. There was a ramp at the edge of the cliff constructed for that.

Dead Horse Point

is just east of Canyonlands National Park in Utah. The Colorado River corkscrews below and on the other side at a lower elevation is the flat area popularly called Thelma and Louise Point.

Dead Horse Point Dead Horse Point
Dead Horse Point has spectacular views of cliffs all along its "peninsula."
John at Dead Horse Point

Thelma and Louise Point

Behind me on a lower elevation is the flat where the ramp was built to accomodate the jump scene. I really don't like people staring at me so I waited until the crowd was gone before I took this picture.

The southern Utah desert

is striking, dramatic, and downright beautiful. The rules for survival in the Utah desert differ slightly from other desert areas but the basic rules apply. Remember to:

  1. Wear light–colored clothing, long pants, and a hat.
  2. Always carry drinking water and stay on well marked trails.
  3. Don't talk to anyone who wants to tell you about Joseph Smith.