MY STATE JOB By John Walradt
profile_john (4K)


The central character, is a graphic designer, grade zero. A late bloomer who, well, never really bloomed. If nothing else, his "good attitude" keeps him employed!

profile_ron (7K)


He's likeable, he pontificates, and he wears Hawaiian shirts. He's always in trouble, but he says what is really on his mind.

profile_tucker (4K)


The editor of the agency's newsletter, DUH–Speak. Deep inside, he's really a madman.

profile_dan (6K)


The practical-minded manager of John's team, he's like a teacher with a class of kids.

profile_shamey (6K)


Cool, sloppy, and half–awake, he is an agency techie.

profile_perk (7K)

Mr. Perk

The director of the division. He peppers his conversation with catch phrases like, "best practices" and "strategic alignment."

profile_marcie (4K)


She's the humorless administrative assistant: all business and very serious.

profile_lora (3K)


John's wife who works as an elementary school teacher. They have two cats who run the house. The cats meow, but also talk to clarify things.

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