profile_buttercup (6K)

Buttercup Snozzbottom

Buttercup looks and acts like a “heavy,” but he’s really a gentle baffoon with conservative tastes, and a bit cynical. He’s polite in his own kind of way. He’s a tried-and-true kind of guy.

profile_pjulie (6K)

Patouli Julie

Patouli Julie is a hippie girl. She’s idealistic, optimistic, and philosophical. She immediately becomes friends with Buttercup Snozzbottom.

profile_doofus (5K)

Doofus Dooberry

Doofus is Buttercup Snozzbottom’s roommate. He’s the goofy lighthearted, silly, comic relief of the strip. He really knows how to get on Buttercup’s nerves.

profile_herkimer (6K)

Herkimer Dorkmeister

Herkimer is the ultimate child geek. He procured his Comp TIA A-Plus certification at the age of seven. He uses complex words and phrases that are irritating. He’s a little brat.

profile_cattykaty (5K)

Catty Katy

Catty Katy is a snoopy, sarcastic, meddling gossip. She never says what she means and she likes to cause trouble. She wants to look like she’s in the know and on top of everything.

Barney Bruce

Barney Bruce

Barney is the owner of Barney's Kitten Farm. Mild mannered and tired, he's like a guru having found the answer to life through kitties.

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