My comic strips finally got into the "University News" at Boise State. My humor was still juvenile and undeveloped—more like a teenybopper—a direct reflection of my emotional maturity at the time. College students were beyond the stuff I drew. I tried to be "Doonesbury" if you can believe that. Good thing it was Idaho where my work was showcased. I would have been eaten alive anywhere else.

Just be yourself

I called the guy in this strip "Jerry." He looks like a product of the 70s. The girl is "Stevie." The cartoon itself was just plain piggish.

Jerry and Stevie

This one's just embarrassing. What's worse, I even thought it was funny when I drew it. Notice the hairstyles and clothes I drew? Definitely the 80s.

Teenagers earn their own money

This one actually wasn't bad but you definitely had to be a child of the 70s to really appreciate it. One girl cut the strip out and posted it on the refrigerator door for her husband, who had just turned 30 that day.

Wings wasn't it?

My welcome had worn out at the University News by the time I drew this strip. My next venture was to call on two other people to write the jokes for me for a new strip, something I was often told to do because my humor was so bad.


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