BROTHER ZERO By John Walradt
profile_brotherzero (9K)

Brother Zero

Brother Zero is a short little friar who is arrogant, snobbish, and seemingly wise.

profile_brotherloar (8K)

Brother Loar

Brother Loar loves the good things in life and often finds himself in trouble.

profile_daryl (10K)

Daryl Licht

Daryl Licht is a modern day hippie who likes to hang around with Brother Zero, who treats him like a student with lectures beginning with, “Consider the...”

profile_elmore (7K)


Elmore is Brother Zero’s donkey companion. Cynical and gloomy, he is often the recipient of Brother Zero’s awful puns.

profile_rachel (10K)


Rachel is a geeky girl and Brian’s unlikely girlfriend.

profile_brian (8K)


Brian is obnoxious, and he has a thing about being a “real man.”

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